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Week 1: VOTING

Week 1 Voting!
This means all submissions are closed~!

I'm quite dissappointed, to be honest... I mean, I know I haven't done the best trying to advertise, and that I might not have enough emphasis/encouragement... but please. I really want this community active again, and only 3 people participating isn't good enough. Thank you three for taking the time to make icons. It means a lot, really. I realize it's also the first week-- but I wanted it to be an optimistic first week.. so..yeah.

I'm hoping that people will also vote. Voting's the simple part, so I'm hoping that whoever is reading this will take the time to just go:

"1st place: #
2nd place: #
3rd place: #"

(Except we only have 3 icons, so just vote for one this time.)

So. Vote. And when the next theme comes, enter if you can. I'll try to liven the place up by advertising more, I guess.

Voting Guidelines:
x~Everyone should vote. If you're reading this, vote.
x~Don't vote for your own icon.
x~There will only be a first place icon. (For this time only. Not much to do with 3 icons. xD)
x~Voting ends September 17th.

1 2 3

Good luck! Voting will end on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th, at 11:00 P.M. EST.
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